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Houston band director announces retirement


Long-time Houston High School Band Director Jim Smith announced his retirement Tuesday.
He served as Houston’s band director for the last 25 years and built the Houston band program from what it was to what it is now.
He is so widely known, not only for each year of commitment to this band, but also for the influence and impact on band directing in the region, that an interview of him will likely give the best picture and story of what his retirement means to the community.
“After much thought and consultation with family, friends and trusted advisors, I have decided to retire from band directing at the end of this school year,” he said. “Surely you all must know how special this job and, more importantly, each of you are.
“Over the past 25 years, I have enjoyed unparalleled levels of support from students, parents and alumni,” he continued. “To compare where we started to where we are now is truly humbling. You have allowed me to share a great number of experiences with you and, for that, I will be eternally grateful. I think the most important aspect of this decision involves the future. What we have built here is special and needs all of your encouragement and support to continue to grow and thrive.
“Mr. Taylor, with the help of Sarah Tyer, Isaiah Rowser and a booster group ably led by Brian and Deanna Spangler, will not only carry on without missing a beat, but will do all they can to make this a better experience,” he continued.
“We will still have six months left together; months full of music to make and trips to take. Much like I encourage seniors to do every year, it is my intention to ‘run through the tape’ and work as hard as I can for you until school ends in May. If there is fun to be had, let’s be sure and have it together.”

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