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Community input will guide Forest Hill Heights Small Area Plan


The City of Germantown, Germantown Economic Development Commission and Forest Hill Associates are partnering to develop a vision and site plan for the Forest Hill Heights area, located at the southeast corner of Forest Hill-Irene and Winchester Road. In order to develop the vision that will guide the future of this area, the consultant team for the Forest Hill Heights Small Area Plan will hold a planning charrette Dec. 1 and 3 at the office of Fisher-Arnold located at 9180 Crestwyn Hills Drive.
A charrette is a public design workshop series that consists of public and stakeholder meetings, design sessions and pin-up/feedback sessions. The process is similar to the one used to develop the Smart Growth plans for Germantown’s Central Business District and the West Poplar Avenue District. Area businesses, residents, property owners and interested community groups are encouraged to actively participate in this exciting and significant step in the planning process.
The charrette begins with a public meeting on Dec. 1. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and the meeting will take place from 6 to 7:30 p.m. In addition to reviewing the planning process and information received from stakeholders and community residents, lead consultant Looney Ricks Kiss (LRK) will review the design team’s progress and request input on desirable design attributes, land uses and other plan elements. This information will be applied during the design charrette.
As the design charrette comes to a close, a design review public meeting will occur on Dec. 3. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m., and the meeting will take place from 6 to 7:30 p.m.
LRK will highlight the team research and findings, present the master plan design concepts, collect and discuss feedback, outline the next steps of the master plan process and answer questions from participants.
Located at the southeast corner of Forest Hill-Irene and Winchester Road the Forest Hill Heights strategic area is a 303+/- acre portion of the 1,450 acres of land annexed from Shelby County into Germantown in 2000.
The majority of the study area is located at the southeast corner of Forest Hill-Irene and Winchester Road and contains the Forest Hill Heights Planned Development, which was approved by the Shelby County Commission in 1996.
The City and its partners are committed to a community-driven process for the planning of this area. Looney Ricks Kiss (architects and planners), Fisher Arnold (engineers), and Bethesda, MD-based RCLCO (real estate market and economics) are providing master planning consulting services for the project.
In August 2012, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen adopted a long-range strategic plan for the economic development future of Germantown. The plan was based on five guiding principles with specific actions to measure success.
One focus in particular called for the development of small area planning studies in the city’s existing commercial and business areas. As one of the few remaining commercial areas with large undeveloped tracts, existing corporate headquarters and valuable access to important traffic corridors, Forest Hill Heights was identified as an economic node in need of a small area plan consistent with the recommendations from the strategic plan.
To learn more about upcoming Forest Hill Heights planning activities or to sign up for email notifications about the project, visit For additional information, contact Economic Development Manager Marie Lisco at or call 901-757-7281.

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