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Making Roads Meet

Gtown road realign newsletter-2

Gtown road realign newsletter-2

Germantown will host a public meeting on Oct. 22, from 6-7 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers to discuss plans to realign Germantown Road, making it a continuous route through the city’s Central Business District.
Also included in the project are the realignment of West Street and Old Germantown Road to create a new signalized intersection with the realigned Germanton Road, just north of the existing railroad crossing. For details, download the September project newsletter.
Realignment of Germantown Road, immediately north of the railroad tracks, with West Street was first proposed in 2007 as part of the Smart Growth Plan.
The project is intended to decrease traffic congestion and make conditions safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
The proposed project consists of realigning the existing roadway to the west to connect the offset legs of Germantown Road. A new signalized intersection would be added north of the railroad crossing to accommodate West Street and Old Germantown Road traffic. The realignment is a reconfiguration of the roadways that will result in five lanes on each road, including parking lanes on West Street.
The city requested funding for this project utilizing Surface Transportation Program funds through the Memphis-MPO. The project is funded in the current Transportation Improvement Program. Germantown will be reimbursed for 90 percent of project expenditures.
Two existing structures will be razed during the realignment.
The meeting will begin with a formal presentation followed by a question and answer period. The public is invited to use the opportunity to view preliminary plans and express their opinion concerning this project.
Representatives from Germantown will be present to provide information relative to the general location, major design features and the social, economic, environmental and other effects of the planned project. Staff will also discuss relocation assistance programs, the tentative schedules for right-of-way acquisition, construction plans and any other matters of public interest.
Those unable to attend the meeting can submit written statements and other exhibits in place of or in addition to statements made at the public meeting within 21 days following the date of the hearing to:
City of Germantown
Attn: Tim Gwaltney
1920 S. Germantown Road
Germantown, TN 38138

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