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Houston to present ‘Twelve Angry Jurors’



Houston High School students will present a fall production of Twelve Angry Jurors, an ultra-realistic fly-on-the-wall reality play. “Twelve Angry Jurors is definitely a heavy play,” explained freshman Kailee Sharpe. “The jurors find themselves with the grim task of deciding whether or not a 16 year old boy is guilty of murder and his life rests in their hands. Being in this play has given me insight on how challenging it can be for jurors to decide the fate of another.” Each young actor is convincing in their role, and speaks to the level of direction by HHS theater teacher, Kell Gary.“ This play is considered a classic,” Sharpe said, “because it deals with issues still prevalent in today’s society like racism, prejudice, and stereotyping. Though it’s an older play, there are lessons our generation and generations to come can learn from it.”

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