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School district plans to help fund new athletic field


The Germantown Municipal School District will potentially give $125,000 toward the Houston High School Athletics and Arts Foundation to fund the implementation of a turf football field on campus.
The School Board will vote Monday nigh to match a donation given by the City of Germantown toward the project that should be finished by the time football season rolls around.
“Since the city was going to invest, we thought it would be appropriate if the school board invested,” said Lisa Parker, chairman of the Board of Education.
She went on to say that the school board thought the donation would be an excellent gesture to match the city’s contribution.
Parker said that if the school board decided not donate it would feel guilty when it shows up to the ribbon cutting ceremony without having made a contribution. However, it wouldn’t have even considered a donation had it not funded all of its other priorities first.
The turf project needed an expedited timetable since the Mustangs’ varsity and junior varsity football teams and band’s practice field has been compromised by a city drainage project, known as Lateral G.
The practice field’s necessity resulted from the fact that the teams could avoid tearing up the playing field during the week. Lateral G has made the practice field unusable, so the school board decided to start the turf project quickly.
That way, the teams and band can use the turf field during the week without corrupting the field.
In addition to the football teams and band, Parker is hopeful an abundance of teams, such as track and field, as well as clubs can use the field. She even put forth the idea of hosting a soccer tournament on campus in the future.
She also mentioned that the field will serve as a marketing tool. Individuals will be able to put their company’s name or logo on both the home and visitor’s sidelines. In addition, businesses will potentially be able to purchase advertisements on a video screen that could be put in as well.
The new field is part of a three-step plan for Mustang athletics. After the new turf is laid on the football field, improvements to the baseball field and multi-purpose softball field will follow.

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