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Shelby County Fire Department investigating July 4 Cordova house fire


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Shelby County firefighters are investigating whether fireworks are to blame for a Cordova house fire late Saturday night.
Near midnight on the night of July 4, reports of a home on fire in the 8900 block of River Pine in Cordova began arriving in the fire alarm office of the Shelby County Fire Department.
A “full assignment” for a residential home fire was sent to three Shelby County Engine Companies, Battalion Chiefs and responders as well as Memphis Fire Department who arrived on scene to report fire and smoke showing from the front and left sides of the 3,000-square-foot.
Upon attempting an entry into the burning home, it was found that the fire load was far too great to mount an interior attack on the flames, so fighting the increasing blaze was done, initially, from the outside of the home which received very heavy damage. Five occupants were home and inside the dwelling at the time of the fire and all escaped without injury. There were no injuries to fire fighters as well.
By 12:58 a.m., the fire was reported under control.
An investigation into the cause of this fire began Sunday with the Shelby County Deputy Fire Chief and the department’s Fire Inspector who were both joined by the Shelby County Fire Marshal on Monday.
They are currently working together uncovering the damaged areas layer by layer, in a very determined effort to accurately attempt to find out just why the fire started.
The SCFD has been told by several residents that fireworks are suspected to be the cause. However, the Shelby County Fire Department has not yet determined what started this blaze.
“Although we are aware of the speculation, it remains only one of several potential sources,” said Brent Perkins of the Shelby County Fire Department.

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