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Annual community survey results tallied


Earlier this year, a random sample of 2,300 Germantown residents were asked to respond to the City’s 2015 community survey. With a 22-percent response rate, city officials called the results of the survey “statistically valid and representative of the entire community.” Of those who responded, 99 percent rated Germantown as an “excellent or good place to live.”
Overall results of the survey are overwhelmingly positive. Ninety-seven percent of respondents are happy with the safety of living in Germantown compared to other cities and 96 percent of respondents are satisfied with the overall image and reputation of the city. Ninety-four percent of respondents said they are “satisfied” with the cleanliness and maintenance of the city, and 93 percent of respondents are “satisfied” with the city government’s overall job of providing high quality services.
Other questions in the survey were basic and straight forward in asking about satisfaction with city services including police, fire, emergency medical, public works, parks, etc. Other questions addressed the quality of Germantown Municipal School District operations, the value of Germantown city services for tax dollars spent and overall satisfaction of City services.
During Monday night’s work session with the Board of Aldermen, Germantown Mayor Mike Palazzolo said, “We will keep working to sustain our high level of satisfaction, or improve even more.”
Areas for potential improvement were also identified in the survey. Only 70 percent of respondents are satisfied with the city government’s efforts to actively seek input from citizens, 69 percent were satisfied with the effectiveness of the Customer Service Center to communicate and resolve issues and only 70 percent are satisfied with the quality of the yard waste collection services.
City Administrator Patrick Lawton said, “The survey provides valuable feedback and information to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and city staff about community priorities, service satisfaction and the allocation of resources. The city uses this data to determine whether it’s meeting citizen expectations and where improvement is needed.”
Community survey results are also an important ingredient in the city’s performance measurement program. Through this program, city staff track a variety of performance trends in city services. By monitoring the city’s performance, a determination can be made as to whether a service is improving or declining and whether there is a need to adjust resources in a particular area.
Germantown has conducted a survey of randomly selected residents each year since 2012.

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