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School board OKs $44 million budget


The Germantown Municipal School Board has approved the 2015-16 budget, which includes a $1.1 million bump in textbooks.
The $44 million budget, approved unanimously, does not provide additional funding for the Transportation Department to help eliminate the 7 a.m. bell time at two Germantown schools.
Classified staff, which includes clerical employees, will receive a pay increase to the tune of $36,000.
A special education coordinator has been budgeted for next year, along with three language teachers (Chinese) and three elementary school interventionists.
Only around $200,000 was spent on textbooks this year.
An on-site alternative school at Houston High School meant to remove suspended students from the general school population was also included in the budget. The district previously had a contract with Lakeside Behavioral Health.
The budget sets aside $700,000 for retirement liability, something the state will require in two years.

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